Pier 2 Pier Ultras was founded in 2019 after Race Director, Tuan Nguyen was eager to find out whether it was possible to safely cross the state of Florida through the Everglades via the historical route 41, the Tamiami Trail.

Since the crossing his vision expanded to multiple course routes all over Florida starting and ending at an iconic or historical pier.

Pier 2 Pier Ultras Race Director

Our Vision

The vision of Pier 2 Pier Ultras is to provide a low-cost and unique running experience.

The race director believes that at larger marathons and running events most of the aid station supplies and food go to waste. To eliminate and resolve this issue, all of our events are self-supported and/or support crew only.

This provides runners a challenge to use whatever they can find on-course and to actually use what they want or need. This method is more costs effective, less wasteful and efficient for both the runner and the race director.

We prides ourselves on being a zero waste event and on a mission to lead the way in changing the way athletics events are managed and organized by being self-sustainable, self-sufficient resulting in zero food waste and reducing all unnecessary trash.

Pier 2 Pier Ultras are focused more on a journey fun run rather than competitive racing which provides a relaxed and stress free running experience.

You can contact the Race Director @ TuanRuns100s@gmail.com

Facebook: fb.me/Pier2PierUltras

Instagram: Tuan_Runs

Youtube: TuanRuns